mmm, maps: Still Walking start locations

Here at Still Walking, we love maps…

We’re particularly fond of this one: the starting locations for the events in our first festival programme.

That’s a pretty good spread across the centre of the city. We’re quite chuffed with that, considering it’s our first attempt!

It wouldn’t be a proper festival without a fringe though, but fear not! We’ve got it covered, thanks to Swanning Around Erdington and Radial Truths:

Swanning Around Erdington is a family-friendly promenade highlighting heritage and memories along the high street. Highly recommended if you like your theatre in small doses (groups are limited to 10, but the 30 minute tour will run four times during the afternoon.

By contrast, Radial Truths is a cycling expedition lasting approximately 3 hours that will range across the city taking in different sites relevant to cycle manufacturing in Birmingham. It begins in Stirchley at the Birmingham Bike Foundry.

So, these are our starting points… we hope you’ll join us to find out where they end up and what ground they cover en route.


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