Don’t Look Now

Look Around You 2

My earlier post recommended seeing your city afresh by not having a destination. All sorts of things pop out of the stonework when you start looking for them … just try it!

Imagine taking your urban ramble again, but this time just using your other senses. A friend (and you need to trust this person!) has blindfolded you and is allowing you to wander according to sounds you hear, smells, tactile sensations and (not recommended) by taste. There are other senses too – temperature, balance, direction… we rely on a lot to get us about. The city takes on a different shape and atmosphere and seems to be offering more information to deal with, not less.

Usha M’s walk for the Still Walking festival takes a look at – or rather experiences – these senses. Usha is a movement artist and themes of awareness, balance and sense have always been at the core of her work. Brindleyplace have kindly allowed their meticulously kempt arena to play host to Usha’s explorations.

So what to expect? Those signing up should be willing to be blindfolded and will be led through manoeuvres to tease out our often overlooked reliance on our extra senses. It is sensory deprivation, but instead of floating in a tank of water, you are actually roaming free (guides will be on hand for each participant so you don’t actually end up floating in the water). Usha says she is always struck by the quick shift from nervous anticipation to joyous curiosity she sees in people when she holds these events, and how it affects them long after the event has finished.

Don’t miss anything – buy your ticket today!


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