Seeing Workshop

Seeing Workshop at Airspace Gallery

The starting point of any Seeing Workshop is the notion that there is too much visual information around us to absorb and that in order to facilitate our working lives, we have learnt to see what we need to.

This means that as we walk to our various destinations, we are generally retracing an established route and need only look out for obstacles or danger on the way. In unfamiliar territory, we focus on location and direction to effect arrival.

Ben Waddington is a Birmingham-based historian and is the director of the Still Walking festival. His Seeing Workshops represent an opportunity to re-see familiar surroundings with a view to better understanding our environments. Exercises on the walk will examine subjects such as static observation, magnification, archaeology, local history, design trends and will consider our pace, perception apertures and arrival motives.

The walk will last around 80 minutes and begins at Airspace Gallery, 4 Broad Street, Stoke-on-Trent. It forms part of the Walking Encyclopaedia exhibition currently showing there.

The route is accessible for wheelchair users but will occasionally venture off the pavement – so good walking shoes are recommended. Bad weather will result in a shorter tour, but please be prepared to brave the elements and dress accordingly.

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