Still Walking

13th-22nd Sept 2013

Birmingham’s Festival of Walking

Still Walking is back for another two weekends of guided tours and walking events. This year the festival programme boasts walks created by artists, from Birmingham and further afield. All have been invited to devise something especially for this event. I’m always fascinated by visitors’ impression of the city; how they respond to it and what they see. Everyone experiences the world differently and I hope the diverse programme reflects this. Joining the artists, there’s the usual mix of historians, architects and geologists, all with their own take on what a guided tour can do. See you on the walks!

Ornate Words Carved onto Early Industrial Building

Words On Buildings

Laira Piccinato
Fri 13th Sept

Birmingham once had a golden age of magnificent, bespoke factories, built to order. The buildings and their uses had such an intrinsic connection that their owners were confident to incorporate the company name into the fabric of the building… read more

painting, mixed media. Title: Iris Enhanced

Lost And Found

Iris Bertz
Sat 14th Sept

Where does accidental end and art begin? Iris Bertz explores the use of the accidental in art and focusses on how it is possible to see art everywhere, if you know how to look. Iris will lead a guided tour starting at the current exhibition at the Ikon by Shimabuku… read more


Pedestrian vs. Car

Roxanna Collins
Sat 14th Sept

What is the legacy of Birmingham: motor city? How do we treat our subway spaces today and how do we feel about our car parks? This 100 minute walk will explore aspects of the city’s social, architectural and town planning history… read more



Tom Jones
Sun 15th Sept

Walking round a small area in central Birmingham, we will use drawing to see familiar surroundings with fresh eyes. It is all about looking, reflecting on what we see and making marks… read more


Quiet Edges

Simone Kenyon
Sun 15th Sept

A collective silent walk introduced and led by Simone Kenyon.
This is a walk to find the quietness both inside and out. The silent walk is a way to meditate upon our own step in the world and the collective experience of walking together… read more



Fri 20th Sept

An opportunity to engage in an active listening experience of the soundscape of the Edgbaston Reservoir and surrounding area. Aided by the use of sound technology we will augment your hearing ability to discover tiny hidden sounds… read more


How Places Feel

Darryl Georgiou
Sat 21st Sept

This walk visits a variety of locations in the city, asking how the atmosphere of places and buildings makes us feel. Darryl examines the subject of historical memory and TV location scene-setting within the context of these places… read more



Vanessa Grasse
Sat 21st Sept

Vanessa’s walk will be an immersive physical experience, suggesting the different ways we relate to our surroundings. We will be composing our way through the urban space, heightening our attention and physical awareness… read more


Drag and Drop: a Social Choreography, an Urban Contemplation

David Helbich
Sat 21st Sept

For Drag and Drop, David Helbich and Shila Anaraki will pick you up from the starting location and manouvre you to specific sites around the city where you will be dropped off to await collection… read more


Ladypool Road Through Time

Balsall Heath Local History Society
Sun 22nd Sept
11.45am or 2.15pm

Join us for a walk along historic Ladypool Road and meet some of the characters who lived there. See – and take part in – the events that shaped their lives, with surprises and re-enactments along the way… read more

We’re hoping to raise £1601 to cover the costs of creating some of the events on the programme. There’s a selection of rewards to choose from, from thank-yous, to personalised art prints, to exclusive and bespoke walks and events. Click here for details.

Thanks to those who backed us so far!

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